The Institute of Economic Sciences (IES) has 60 years of significant contribution to the research and policy advises in various fields of economy. The main research areas include: macroeconomics, microeconomics, regional economic development and development studies in general. IES is also engaged in consulting, training and education activities related to the modern business economics, management, marketing, tourism, entrepreneurship, finance and banking. IES has five departments: Basic Economic Research, Strategic Research, International Cooperation, Consulting and Managerial Informatics. It employs 30 researchers and other administrative staff. IES has extensive experience in performing surveys, needs assessment and creating national and local strategies.

IES realised two projects particularly relevant for this project proposal – Belgrade Tourism Development Strategy (2008), and Establishment and Positioning of National Brand of Serbia (2009). Realisation of the Belgrade Tourism Development Strategy included assessment of the tourist development of Belgrade, strategic positioning and development perspectives, models of growth, and set of strategic and operational recommendations for policy makers. The main goal of the Strategy on Establishment and Positioning of National Brand of Serbia was to identify key brand values of Serbia, determine desired position of the country in public, optimize marketing and branding elements, define communication plan and establish basis for strategic decisions important for the development of national brand in terms of development of an institutional framework.

IES has very intensive international and regional cooperation particularly within the Western Balkan region. It is member of the SEEA (South-Eastern European Association of Economic Institutes) that gathers 6 institutes in the field of economic from the WB region.