City of Sombor as a unit of local self-government represents the administrative center of West Bačka District, encompassing municipalities of Apatin, Odžaci and Kula (hereinafter: City). Being a public entity, City’s main activities are regulated by its Statute and as such, it is non-profit. City administration is divided into internal organizational units. Activities referred to thematic competencies and experiences related to the VISITUS Project are being performed by City’s departments in charge, primarily those engaged in: support in preparation and implementation of projects, development of tourism and social and health care.

City co-finances different projects of humanitarian NGOs and associations involved in social activities through various forms of support for persons with special needs. Therefore, City has required competences and capacity to implement the Project. Successful and continuous cooperation has been established with the Center for Independent Living of Persons with Disabilities and the Association of Blind as well as tourist organizations and agencies in the City and West Bačka District.

Project activities are designed to respond to the challenges which population of blind and visually impaired people is facing, in a completely new way. Moreover, cooperation with stakeholders (Associations that gather target group members, tourist and cultural organizations) will be strengthened and extended to the entire Project area. The project will contribute to social inclusion of the main target group. Rich tourist potential of the region and tourism infrastructure, improved and particularly designed in accordance to target group needs will enrich tourist offer of the City of Sombor and Western Bačka district, bringing it close to the level of European standards. Considering competencies relevant to the project and described experience in supporting population of blind and visually impaired people, Sombor has a capacity for LP.