Osijek-Baranja County in Croatia and West Bačka District in Serbia have rich tourism potentials which are insufficiently recognized and under-utilised. More precisely, tourism offer is not accommodated for persons with visual impairment and blindness (BVI), resulting in exclusion of this disability group from the rich tourism offer of this area which is characterised by natural and cultural heritage, population of multi-ethnic structure and large number of traditional cultural events.

The VISITUS project is based on the principle of inclusion, enabling BVI persons to fully participate in newly designed tourism offer and the principle of applying modern solutions and advanced IC technologies which will enable BVI persons to use the new tourism offer in its full capacity.

The main objective of the project is to create preconditions for developing tourism in target cross-border area through diversification of tourism offer to persons with visual impairment and blindness. As a result, new tourism offer, accommodated to the specific needs of BVI persons will be created.

Some of the main outputs of the

project include:

Produced action plan

Implemented trainings
for tourism workers

Mapped joint tourism routes

Conducted comprehensive
media campaign

Created specialized tools using
advanced IC technologies

Held meetings with associations
of persons with visual impairment
and blindness and with tourism
agencies and organizations

Organised promo
tours, etc